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Hitch is a full-service talent search firm committed to staffing cutting-edge companies from coast-to-coast with the ideal employees. 


With an innovative and updated approach to finding qualified talent, Hitch provides clients with best-in-class market knowledge and access. Hitch collaborates with some of the most competitive venture-backed, cutting-edge start-ups and mid-stage companies that are in growth mode, from series A to Pre-IPO companies to well-established companies, and finds them the best talent for their tough-to-fill positions.


We understand the quality of your team dictates your company’s success.  Hitch’s specialty is creating superior workplaces by filling growing companies with a higher quality workforce, creating a company culture guaranteed to excel.  

about us

What We Do

Hitch places the right people in the right positions  

Hitch understands locating and attracting the cream of the crop in a dense field like technology is difficult.  We act as an extension of your company by helping you hire elite candidates for various positions whose skill sets, values, and behaviors embody the culture and philosophy of your company.  Whether you prefer a retained or contingency basis, or a combination of both, we will find you the team members you need and will design a customized recruitment solution to fit your needs.


Hitch understands communication is key. Our full desk recruiters allow you to have a single point of contact throughout the entire process. We keep you informed about our search and act as a trusted advisor that understands the inner workings of your company and stays informed of your goal and culture changes.

Long Term Relationships

Hitch wants to build a long-term relationship with your company. Once you work with Hitch, you’ll recognize we’re the only recruiter you’ll need. Because we understand your company and you’ve already hired one or more of our hand-picked candidates, you will want to use us for all your future recruitment needs.

Quality over Quantity

Hitch values quality over quantity. We know the success of any organization hinges in large part on the quality of its team, so we help you solve your recruitment challenges by carefully vetting every candidate and choosing a small pool of the most suitable recruits to present to you.

How We Do It

Hitch is fully transparent.  We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

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